Independent & Anonymous Ethics hotline for your organization.

Ethics and Compliance Hotline

Your organization can reduce internal fraud, wrong doing, compliance violation using Ethics Hotline. Because reporter can remain totally anonymous, they can be encouraged to report ethics, compliance issues or concerns. Your Employees, customers and third parties will be empowered and this will promote honesty and fairness in organization.

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Ethics Hotline is currently free service.1

Ethics Hotline Features


Ethics Hotline is a totally independent service and is not associated with your organization. This means we are independent of any organizational influence and will report all issues without any bias.


Anyone reporting an ethical, compliance or any other issue can choose to remain anonymous during the whole process from reporting to closure. This ensure the facts they provide can be without any fear of reprisal.

Complete Case Management

Ethics hotline is complete case management tool from Reporting to Closure of any issue. The service provides issue reporting, investigation, discovery, communication and closure.

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